About Normandy

The region commonly described as 'Normandy' covers a large and geographically very varied area and divides into ‘Upper’ and ‘Lower’ Normandy, for administrative purposes. In golfing terms, this means distinct destinations, as the distances involved, and sometimes small country roads, preclude a short break encompassing more than one of these areas. We concentrate on the best golfing country…in 2 distinct places:

The Alabaster Coast

The chalky white cliffs give their name to this area, in which seaside courses combine with Saint-Saens [30 minutes inland] to complete a 'circuit'. Stay at Saint-Saens or Dieppe. The excellent motorway links from the short Channel crossing to Calais mean you can stop off on the way down, or back, to enjoy one of the more northern courses.

Dieppe is Normandy’s fishing hotspot, so you’ll eat well in a wide choice of restaurants in the town. Hotels in the town centre make evenings easy, no need to drive anywhere from this base…and its own historic golf course is a few minutes along the coast.

Half an hour from the coast, The Chateau du Vaudichon at Saint-Saens, with rooms upstairs and a newer block, in coverted stables in the grounds, offers a great stay and play destination. Good half-board option and ideal for a group of any size. The town is small, and offers no real night-life, but you are in lush Normandy countryside.

Around Deauville

Chic and busy, the beautiful beach resorts of Deauville and Trouville will often leave visitors open-mouthed with delight. You have plenty of golf choice and ideally placed hotels, on the Deauville course, and in the town, if you prefer. In and out of the main summer season, when Deauville is the preferred destination of hordes of Parisians, there is lots to do in the town. The seafront, Casino, horse-racing and boutiques all have their attractions.

Normandy is proud of its links with the British, through peace-time and wars. The region produces fine apples, Calvados, cheese and cream, used to create some of the typical menu items.

Whichever base you choose, you will quickly see evidence of long-standing links between Normandy and the British Isles, and our travelling golfers.

Still relatively unspoiled, even if frequently revisited, Normandy offers fantastic fish and sea-food, wonderful dairy produce, rolling countryside and beautiful coastlines…oh, and golf!